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Product Description

STRAPLED Advanced - a honoued LED clamping system

After receiving the Red Dot Design Award 2015 Winner Lighting Design STRAPLED Advanced has been awarded by an international jury again: German Design Award 2016 Winner.

STRAPLED Advanced is based on the idea of creating a lighting fixture that flies trough space like a light beam. The transparent structure of a plastic composite band receives the ease so it was chosen as basis. An LED stripe represents the light beam. To act like a light beam the band has to be tighten strong therefore mechanical fixtures are necessary. A simple fixing in the wall fails due to the large forces that could not be holden by a easy single mounting. Splitting the forces on a variable fixing set based on a steel cable and the option to pretension is the solution.

The transition of round to elongated shapes is achieved by reducing the radius and increasing elements up to the band. A reduction of the threads visible part can be reached by the tolerance of the two fixtures to each other. The electrical connection is integrated in longitudinal direction between the fixtures. Due to narrowest conctruction sand blasted aluminum is used for the cover.

The ease and intended unobstrusive look of neutral aluminum parts are transmitted as a rectangular plate on the transformer cover. The look of the cable from transformer to band matches to the whole system.

The lighting system is also available as STRAPLED Advanced Ceiling (with ceiling feeder).

Technical Data

Power in W

   approx. 38

Efficiency class


Lux (1 m)

   approx. 400


   approx. 1200


   3000 (warm white)


   1-45 Watt LED Trafo/Driver, dimmbar 5-100% Triac,
   In: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0,3A,
   Out: 12V DC, 3000mA, 45W










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STRAPLED Advanced Wand 2014


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