Straplet Advanced

Product description

STRAPLED Advanced - an excellent LED lighting system
After STRAPLED Advanced was able to inspire the jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015, the product was again recognized by an international jury: German Design Award 2016 Winner in the Lighting category!

Flies through the room like a ray of light: STRAPLED Advanced. The basis is a transparent plastic composite band, an LED strip represents the light beam. The band must be tight to act like a light beam. Mechanical connection elements are required for this. A simple fixation in the wall fails due to the large forces that a fastening would not hold. The solution is to split the forces into a variable fastening set based on a steel cable and a simple pretensioning option.
The transition from round to elongated shapes is solved by reducing the radii and lengthening elements up to the strap. A reduction in the visible part of the thread can be achieved by the play of the two clamping devices to one another. The electrical connection is integrated and covered in the longitudinal direction between the clamping elements. Due to the narrowest construction, sandblasted aluminum is used here.
The lightness and neutral appearance of the aluminum parts is transferred to the transformer cover in the form of a rectangular disc. The cable from transformer to band is chosen appropriately.
The lighting system is also available as STRAPLED Advanced ceiling with ceiling feed.

Technical specifications

Leistung in Wca. 38
Lux (1 m)ca. 400
Lumen/mca. 1200
Kelvin3000 (warmweiß)
Netzteil1-45 Watt LED Trafo/Driver, dimmbar 5-100% Triac,
In: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0,3A,
Out: 12V DC, 3000mA, 45W