The portable socket - the 230V Li-Ion generator from KIRRON Light Components. The services vary depending on the model and can be selected according to customer requirements. Whether e-bikers, craftsmen or large families, everyone will find the portable socket with the right power at KIRRON LC. Additional connection options for USB and 12V are usually built in. Charging takes place via the 230V mains connection or via a solar panel. With additional devices, an additional charge from the 12V car network is possible. 24 volt expedition vehicles can charge the device directly via the vehicle electrical system. In terms of performance, the portable sockets begin where normal USB power banks end. They replace open flames and wobbly gas stoves in the outdoor area and thus bring more security against fires and more convenience in operation. The portable socket is suitable for the operation of many small devices as well as coffee and capsule machines, microwaves, toasters, kettles or mini-ovens and refrigerators. The operation of a hair dryer and small heating devices helps to expel moisture when camping. It can charge e-bikes and computers and also all other battery-operated devices such as cell phones and vacuum cleaners.