Flexible DycoLED Screens

DycoLED Portable Display Module


Product Description

Flexible RGB DycoLED screens have been developed for indoor areas. They are available as pre-assembled modules. There are three different pitches: 10, 20 and 40mm. Used LED is DycoLED PC5 (8bit each colour).

Individual modules having dimensions 20x50cm (100pixel, 10mm pitch), 40x50cm (500pixel, 20mm pitch), 40x100cm (240pixel, 40mm pitch) and 40x50mm (120pixel, 40mm pitch) can be combined.

DycoLED PC5 series needs max. 0,3W power each LED. Therefore flexible screens from max. 300W to 36W power are in product range.

Used protocol is compatible with SPI protocols SM16726 and SM16716. That means all already excisting controllers with this protocol can be used for controlling. Own controllers will be available in the near future.

Flexible screens are protected by patents.

Technical Data

20 x 50 cm

  10 mm pitch


40 x 50 cm

  20 mm pitch


40 x 50 cm

  40 mm pitch


40x 100 cm

  40 mm pitch




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