DiPiAD Wall Invisible

DiPiAD Wall Invisible

Product Description

The Digital Pixel Advertising is a product specially designed for display windows and shoping centers and was introduced for the first time at the Electronica Exhibition end of 2016.

DiPiAD Invisible Wall is based on the DycoLED PC5, the distance between the functioning LEDs is 50mm. A wall with a max. size of 3.000 x 6.000 mm can be controlled using only one DiPiAD Controller. The luminance distance is approx. 2.600 lumen/qm, approx. 8.030 nit. Each pixel can be seen even on an average daylight and thus video show can be acquired.

There are 3 ways of controlling:
- DiPiAD Controller: 1:1 Transfer of a screen via HDMI player.
- Cube 4K + DiPiAD Controller: Data/File upload from PC Web Frontend to CMS Cloud
- IDycoLED Controller: LAN Transfer from PC Web Frontend


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