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DiPiAD WallDiPiAD Wall bamboo lighted

RGB lighting

Product Description

Based on the DycoLED PC5 we guarantee high color quality, white light balancing and best lumen output of all digital LEDs. Associated with our own patent for the so-called "smooth colour mixing", the casting, which guarantees a uniform distribution of color, these LED forms the basis for the DiPiAD Wall.

An affordable entry into the DiPiAD system provides the DycoLED PC5 LED stripe with a "pitch" (LED distance) of 40mm. Alternatively stripes with 10 and 20mm pitch are available as well.

We provide complete light boxes with and without power supplies. We also manufacture customized products, such as LED walls with and without frame, according to your wishes and installation situations.

DiPiAD Walls are tested and "ready to use". They process RS485 signals that ensure a trouble-free data transfer from DiPiAD FHMC Controller to DiPiAD Wall or from wall to wall. If an error occurs individual stripes can be easily replaced.

The DiPiAD system can be applied in different areas: in pixel animated luminous walls and boxes, in nightclubs, at stage shows, trade fair stands, in museums, for live wallpaper… up to XXL visualization of functional states in mechanical engineering (large displays).

Produkt Versions

500 x 500 mm


1.000 x 1.000 mm


500 x 2.000 mm




DiPiAD Digital Pixel Advertsing Wall


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