LED2M 12-24V Dimmer

LED2M Dimmer 6CHLED2M Dimmer 3CH

Product Description

The LED2M 12V-24V Dimmer enhances more possibilities for the LED2M Controller.

With the 6-channel LED2M 12V-24V Dimmer, it is possible to control two RGB LED stripes or 6 single-color Standard LED stripes (7-24 V) over the LED2M Controller.

With the 3 channel LED2M 12V-24V Dimmer, it is possible to control a RGB LED strip or the 3 single-color standard LED strip (7-24 V) over the LED2M Controller.

Current per channel max. 3 amps. With the internal data interface (input, output) more dimmers can be connected in series. The distance between the dimmers can be up to about 50 m (RS485 interface). Even for large installations almost any number of Dimmer are linkable.

Product Versions

LED2M Dimmer 3CH KLC510101
LED2M Dimmer 6CH KLC510102

Technical Data


   72 x 28 x 88 mm


   approx. 150 g

Supply (VCC1)

   7 – 24 V DC external power supply

Supply (VCC2)

   7 – 24 V (not connected inside the unit)


   10 A max. per GND Terminal (terminals linked together)

Current consumption (excl. PWM)

   max. 100 mA

Power consumption (excl. PWM)

   max. 1 W

PWM current (per channell)

   max. 3 A

PWM frequency

   1953 Hz

PWM resolution

   12 bit (dim curve calculated by 5bit / 8bit DycoLED data)

DycoLED Input (Vout)

   ~ VCC1, max. 500 mA

DycoLED In-/Output (RS485)

   RS485 compatible

Working temperature

   0 – 40 °C

Storage temperature

   -20 – 70 °C


   0 – 80 %, noncondensing

Protection class





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