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Product Description

Rope system reinterpreted - Your clamping set

Low-voltage rope systems are as well-known as LED stripes. Why not connect both to get a new lighting arrangement? The result is called StrapLED. A LED stripe, strapped on a tape, that can be stretched across the room.

In 2013 different solutions have been registered for patent. StrapLED will be offered as a completed set for consumers. Greatly for interior designers: The system offers much licence for innovative as well as for individual solutions. Several LED stripes can be connected side by side on wider tapes. It is also possilbe to integrate the power supply in the tape and implement meter long strech systems without additional energy input.

The IDycoLED control system upgrades the switch options so that light segments can be also controlled.

Technical Data

Power in W

   approx. 38

Efficiency class


Lux (1 m)

   approx. 400


   approx. 1200


   3000 (warm white)


   1-45 Watt LED Trafo/Driver, dimmbar 5-100% Triac,
   In: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0,3A,
   Out: 12V DC, 3000mA, 45W









Assembly instructions

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